Pacific Crest Trail Killer – english version

After 8 years of a oversea assingnment as a military police officer Mark Steton is back in the USA. Before starting his work again as a policeman he wants to fulfill his childhood dream: He is hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail, shortened PCT.

The PCT, which is 2.672 miles long, is considered as the longest and the most spectacular hiking trail in the World. At the border of Mexico up to the border behind Canada the trail stretches via three federal states of the USA. The PCT is considered as a very challenging task: to hike the complete trail takes six months hard walking. Often hiker have to take care of their own and get unsupported through the isolated wildness.

Marks hiking tour is abruptly interrupted after 1200 miles. He detects human remains of a burned woman. Mark investigates the place where the corpes was found. And makes out that the woman was a victim of a terribly brutal crime. He suspects a serial killer behind these actions and guesses that there will be more further killings. The FBI undertakes their duty to resolve the case.

The investigation turns out to be very difficult, because of the highly cunning killer. Matters are complicated futher by the fact that the killer has knowlege about the local conditions of the trail. He esspecially takes advantage of the utter solitude. He distroys the evidence by setting a fire and gets off the trail immediately after the killing. Mark and the FBI cannot prevent further murder.

More and more indicates that the killer is not acting alone he must have an accomlice, an advicer, a mentor. Finally the suspicion of the investigators turns out with certainty that they do not only look for one killer but two.


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